Capping property appraisals

HJR 35 by Rep. Bohac (R-Houston) limits appraised value increases on all real property – not just residences – to 5 percent. Currently, increases are capped at 10%. Here is a copy of HJR 35 in its current form: Download hjr_35.doc

Some groups have expressed significant opposition to the bill. You can download a summary of the pros and cons voiced at the bill’s committee hearing here: Download hjr_35_analysis.pdf

Rep. Bohac means business – has launched an entire website devoted to his bill.

By all appearances, HJR seems to be on a fast track to the a floor vote. As it’s a constitutional amendment, though, 2/3 approval is required for final passage.

Appraisal values are important issues to many Texas – what do you think about HJR 35? Click on the COMMENTS link below to weigh in on this debate.

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2 Responses to Capping property appraisals

  1. ed lette says:

    I have been fighting BCAD for five years running over their increasing appraisals.They have tried to increase values to the maximun for three of the last five years. If I had not fought each year my property values would have increased over 35% in five years. For those of us who are there where the rubber meets the road we need help in slowing these appraisal districts down.

  2. Lois Kapp says:

    I am really concerned about the talk of a cap on appraised value of taxable property. Doesn’t everyone see that value and tax rate are the functions of calculating the tax. If the values go up, the rate could go down and maintain the same tax collected. The problem with capping the appraised value is that it is most unfair to the taxpayers who do not have property increasing in value. What the luckier taxpayers whose property increases in value do not pay, the less able will have to pay. And tax appraisers in Texas fought long and hard to get all property taxed at actual value. This unfair proposal will undermine the process. Legislators who back the cap probably know all this and are pandering to the less intelligent and poorer voters. They cannot expect to get my vote ever. Nor can Governor Perry if he insists on this unfair tax.

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