For the frustrated statisticians among us

Number of House Bills filed this legislative session:  3592
House Joint Resolutions:  102
House Concurrent Resolutions:  250
House Resolutions: 35
Total House filings:  3979
Senate bills:  1892
Senate Joint Resolutions: 43
Senate Concurrent Resolutions: 43
Senate Resolutions: 27
Total Senate filings:  2005
Total number of bills filed during the 79th legislative session:  5984
Number of bills passed by the legislature this session: 1592
Number of bills tracked by TSCPA bill readers360
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One Response to For the frustrated statisticians among us

  1. Kathy Kelly says:

    We love the numbers, but some of us love the words even more! Congratulations, Reg/Leg group, on this blog–a terrific addition to communications on TSCPA-at-the-capitol.
    Our accounting academic colleagues should be delighted to see the cap on the fifth year scholarship fund raised–early reports from members Larry Walther, head of the UTA program, and Bob Vigeland, head at TCU, indicate a good reception to SB 1844. Good going, Sen. Harris and TSCPA supporters.

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