Will election results influence Speaker Craddick?

An op-ed in today’s Austin American Statesman says the election results put pressure on Craddick, claiming "Craddick’s famed ability to ‘negotiate’ by simply saying ‘no’ to whatever he dislikes might finally show its emptiness as leadership for his House and this state."

Maybe so, but don’t hold your breath. Craddick has proved to be, well let’s just say, pressure-resistant. It’s really hard to trace any incumbent’s defeat to the speaker’s doorstep. There are just too many local factors involved. Craddick didn’t change his style after his chosen chairman of the House Appropriations committee was defeated in the last election, and it’s doubtful Grusendorf’s primary loss will change anything either. In fact, when responding to queries about calls for Grusendorf’s resignation as House Education committee chairman, Craddick’s spokesperson said, "The speaker will support Representative Grusendorf in keeping his position."

Read the Statesman‘s editorial here.

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