The tax reform bills

You may have already heard that the Tax Reform Commission’s proposed legislation was filed as 5 separate bills yesterday. They are House Bills 1 through 5, and we’re posting them here for your information.

HB 1 deals with the compression of property taxes and making the appropriation for financing public schools: HB1.doc

HB 2 is the component that addresses use of new revenue from the overhauled franchise and tobacco taxes to buy down property tax rates: HB2.doc

HB 3 reconfigures the franchise tax: HB3.doc

HB 4 focuses on the new/different motor vehicle sales and use taxes: HB4.doc

And HB 5 is the part of the TTRC proposal that raises taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products: HB5.doc

Use the COMMENTS link below to share your thoughts on this legislation.

Or better yet: if you enjoy reading and analyzing legislation for its impact on the accounting profession, become a TSCPA bill reviewer!

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