Texas Legislative Digest

May 12 News:

Press Release: Gov. Rick Perry Expands Special Session Call

Dallas Morning News: Senate school bill expected to fly in House

Houston Chronicle: House balks at Senate’s cigarette tax

San Antonio Express-News: College construction now faces real fight

Wednesday, May 9:

Perry Praises Legislature

Fellow Texans,

Building on what the House of Representatives has already approved, yesterday the Texas Senate voted unanimously to pass two bills that will help provide a historic 33% reduction in personal and business property taxes.  Never before in Texas history have taxes been reduced by such a large margin.

This action by the legislature represents the final pieces of a plan that will make homeownership more affordable for millions of Texas families and allow employers to spend more resources on jobs and growth.  Not one business association – small or large – opposed this plan because they understand it reforms the franchise tax to make it broader and fairer and the tax rate lower.   It closes loopholes so that more businesses pay their share of education costs and it reflects the modern Texas economy.  This plan also provides for a significant teacher pay raise, the most aggressive performance pay program in the nation for teachers and meaningful taxpayer protections.

This legislation is conservative, responsible and the right thing for Texas.

The Speaker of the House and the Lt. Governor as well as the members of the House and Senate should be commended for their good work and commitment to the taxpayers and children of Texas.


Governor of Texas

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