Where can you complain about railroads?

Well it’s certainly not the Texas Railroad Commission. The TRC does not regulate railroads -  they regulate the oil and gas industry. Everyone knows that!

For years legislation has been introduced to change the name of the TRC to something that would be less confusing. The latest legislation suggested the Texas Energy Commission. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s political blog, PoliTex, has an article RRC candidates at odds over what to call the RRC which explains why that’s not a good name.

Democratic candidate for RRC Jeff Weems suggest the name be changed to the Texas Oil and Gas Commission. Now there’s a novel idea, a name that describes the commission’s responsibilities. CPA David Porter, the Republican candidate for the same position, suggests that we not change the name because it cost too much money, at least $100,000 – you know, to change signs and reprint letterhead, etc. With the state facing an estimated $18 million budget shortfall for the next biennium, every $100,000 is critical.

So here’s my suggestion, pass legislation that changes the name, but not until the next time we have to order letterhead. Of course that might be years from now – I mean who uses letterhead anymore?

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