Not an issue in sight

Political rhetoric is relatively quiet these days as candidates raise money and get prepared for the after-Labor-Day campaigns to the finish. The governor’s race is the exception, with daily (sometimes more often than daily) negative press releases and videos with each candidate trying to say the most bad things about the other.

Evidently the negative campaign will soon be taken to new heights. Not only will we get to hear each candidate bash the other, but the White campaign plans new videos showing a bumbling Perry look-alike in unflattering situations. Sounds like they are having a contest to see which video producers can come up with the most offensive clip. You can read more about it on the Dallas Morning News’ Trail Blazer Politics Blog.

It might be more enlightening, although perhaps not as entertaining, if the candidates made a series of video clips about the important issues facing Texas. My guess is that White would score more points with voters if he brought some substance to what has so far been a 100% negative campaign by both candidates.  Maybe the White campaign is trying to fill the comic relief void left by Kinky Friedman. I’d love to see some creative producer turn out a video making fun of all the mudslinging videos – now that’s something I could watch.

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