Press anticipate post-Labor Day election rhetoric

Labor Day traditionally is the start of the high-octane election season. It’s less than 60 says until the Nov. 2 elections. Summer is over and candidates think voters are ready to start listening to their electioneering.

Today didn’t start with political ads, but with numerous articles and TV hype about the expected ads to come.  However, if you as a voter are expecting to learn about the important issues to be considered for this election, you’re likely to be disappointed. About the only thing you are going to hear, according to Harvey Kronberg of The Quorum Report, is all the bad things about opponents.  And those things don’t even have to be true. Check out Harvey’s take on News 8 Austin.

But Kronberg is not the only reporter with something to say about the heating-up campaigns. Check out these stories if you care:

And if that’s not enough, here are some more at the national level of politics:

Just in -  a Texas Watch poll that says Perry and White are neck and neck: Perry 42% vs. White 41% with a 4% margin of error. That leaves 14% undecided and 3% that say they don’t plan to vote. This is not long after Rasmussen poll showed Perry ahead of White by about 8 points. White has been running campaign ads throughout the summer and Perry has yet to start. Campaign season is here!

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