Broadening sales taxes is mentioned, but not popular

In the latest poll by the state’s largest newspaper – which, by the way, also shows Perry's lead decisively growing over White – respondents were asked questions about the expected budget shortfall. Specifically, folks were asked if they preferred spending cuts or revenue increases (revenue increases sounds better than tax increases) and which spending cuts or revenue increases they liked.

Not surprisingly, 50% of the respondents preferred spending cuts to tax increases, but 19% said we needed tax increases and 20% said we should do both. Respondents weren’t quite as sure where we should cut expenditures (they will leave that heavy lifting to legislators), but 28% said higher education and 28% declined to specify.

When it comes to raising taxes, sin taxes were the big winners with 42% wanting to raise taxes on booze and 22% in favor of authorizing new gambling so it could be taxed. Broadening the sales tax base was the third most popular at 11%.  While 11% is not a lot, I’d just as soon that option was not on the table. You can see the survey results here at the Austin American-Statesman site. Click on the charts on the left and they will expand so you can read them.

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