It’s election day. What’s in store for the winners?

Will Governor Perry’s re-election (that’s what the polls say) propel him to higher office? The Quorum Report’s Daily Buzz says they did a search for website URLs and discovered some Perry for President websites up and running.  While there is no apparent connection to Perry himself, the article states “there is at least some level of interest in pushing the 2012 discussion, however premature it might be.”

There is nothing much on the discovered websites, but if you’re dying of curiosity they are, and

Also, this morning’s New York Times offers an article that says today’s winners, especially governors, “may benefit from the economic cycle” so much that they could be propelled into the federal political scene. The premise of the article is that politicians suffer or benefit from the economic cycle (to which I would add, despite that fact that they have very little to do with the economy’s success or failure) and that today’s winners could very well be the beneficiaries of a continuing economic recovery. The article mentions a number of governors we should watch for the future, including some obscure names. But I guess the Times hasn’t heard about the Perry for President movement because the Texas Governor is not mentioned in the article at all.

Or perhaps with excerpts of Perry’s new book now surfacing, Fed Up!: Our Fight To Save America from Washington (available Nov. 15), which evidently bashes everything federal according to Aman Batheja writing on the Star-Telegram’s PoliTex Blog, the Times just figured you can’t threaten to secede and then run for President. Stranger things have happened.

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