Attention Texas Franchise Tax Preparers: New Filing Method for 2011

The Texas Comptroller's office has a new Franchise Tax Software Filing Process. This reporting process enables tax preparers to electronically transmit franchise tax returns using software purchased from approved software developers for 2011 (Drake, CCH, and TaxWorks). This software is designed to meet current business rules and reporting requirements.

The collaboration between the Comptroller's office and software developers resulted in an interactive program providing immediate feedback to the person submitting the return. Benefits to preparers include immediate return status response, built-in edits minimizing invalid data, and most important, line by line error identification.

The built-in edits and error messages streamline the reporting process, dramatically reducing the time to both process returns and update the taxpayer's account. he immediate feedback enables tax preparers to identify and correct errors promptly. This enables businesses to remain in good standing and helps ensure their uninterrupted ability to conduct business.

For more information on the franchise tax, contact the Texas Comptroller's Office at 1-800-252-1381. 

For questions related to Franchise Tax Web Service, please email

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3 Responses to Attention Texas Franchise Tax Preparers: New Filing Method for 2011

  1. Jade Rivette says:

    We have the software, but there would be an extra charge per return e-filed. Paper & postage is cheaper. If the State wants the convenience of e-filed returns, they should come to an arrangement with the software providers that wouldn’t cost preparers extra.

  2. Karen E Cahill says:

    This is not much help as most preparers do not use the above mentioned software.

  3. Civy says:

    But what if the software provider we use is not yet approved? Lacerate and proseries. Still print and mail? I don’t understand why TX is so slow at implementing this.

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