Goveror appoints new presiding officer and three CPAs and two public members to the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy.

Governor Perry announced the appointment of TSCPA member Carlos Barrera as the Presiding Officer for the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy. Barrera has two more years to serve on his six year term.

Perry also appointed TSCPA members Coalter Baker, John Broaddus and Rocky Duckworth to six year terms on the board. Baker has served on the board previously, including a time as the board’s presiding officer. Broaddus has served for many years on TSCPA’s Board of Directors, a three year term on the Executive Board, President of TSCPA's El Paso Chapter and in numerous committee leadership positions. Duckworth is a retired KPMG partner from Houston with extensive auditing experience with public companies and oil and gas entities.

Perry also reappointed public member Catherine Rodewald of Dallas to a full six year term. Rodewald was previously served two partial terms on the board. Perry appointed new public member, Jonathan Cluck of Fair Oaks Ranch, to a six year term. Cluck is an attorney.

Congratulations to all.

Check the Governor’s website for more information about the appointees.

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