Sunset Advisory Commission Recommends Renewal of SDSI

As previously
, TSCPA representatives gave written and oral testimony to the Texas Legislature's Sunset Advisory Commission (SAC) supporting the renewal of SDSI (self-directed, semi-independent) legislation for
the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA).   

TSBPA was one of the agencies that took part in the pilot project establishing SDSI, which allows a state agency to operate outside the legislative appropriations process. Since
that time a number of other agencies have been approved for SDSI status. The
removal of process redundancies and the legislative temptation to collect
license fees without using those fees to administer the profession has proven successful. 

Today, the SAC approved the recommendation to renew SDSI
legislation for TSBPA and the other two original agencies.  The next step
will be to propose legislation to renew SDSI. The legislation must pass the full Texas Legislature and be approved by the governor for the renewal to become reality. TSCPA will support that
legislation during the upcoming Legislative session which begins in January 2013.

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2 Responses to Sunset Advisory Commission Recommends Renewal of SDSI

  1. Bob Owen says:

    While Robbins and the TACPA are entitled to their view, they ignore a few pertinent points. Fines levied by TSBPA are never more than about one percent of TSBPA’s annual budget; they are just not a significant part of the revenue stream so there is really no reason for the supposition that somehow CPAs and public members of the board are out to puchish other CPAs just to collect a few dollars. As the article points out, TSBPA was allocating all fines since 2011 to a scholarship fund for fifth year accounting students.
    TSBPA did not oppose the Sunset Commission’s recommendation to transfer the fines to the general fund and supported all the other Commission recommendations, as did TSCPA. The Sunset Commission staff found no indication of unprofessional conduct by TSBPA and raised the issue as one of appearance only.
    Throughout the SDSI period, CPA license fees have remained reasonable, going up in times of need and down when the needs are less; good evidence of effective stewardship of the trust shown by the Legislature in making TSBPA one of the first SDSI agencies. The Sunset Commissions recommendation for renewal is further evidence that this experiment in reduction in bureaucracy is working.
    TSBPA board members are individuals who volunteer substantial amounts of time to help administer the Public Accountancy Act; they help ensure that the CPA profession maintains is reputation for objectivity and integrity. They should be getting kudos for their public service.

  2. Kathy R Kelly says:

    A report in the December 20, 2012, online issue of the Fort Worth Business Press takes a different view of the Advisory Commission’s action.
    The story is by Danny Robbins, of the AP, and seems to follow an AP report from 2011 that considered TSBPA’s operations under SDSI.

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