CPA Sunset Review Postponed

CPAs are safe until 2019. The law establishing and regulating CPAs will remain intact at least until then.

Every 12 years, state licensing agencies and the laws that established them expire unless they are renewed by the legislature. There is a sunset review process performed by the Sunset Advisory Commission (SAC). The SAC makes recommendations on whether to renew the legislation, frequently proposing changes to the laws to make an agency more efficient or to better protect the public.  The public is invited to provide input and the SAC holds public hearings before finalizing the recommendations. This review takes place immediately before the session during which the legislature must renew the enabling legislation. CPAs are a creation of the legislature and the law establishing CPAs is administered by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA).

The normal expiration date for the Accountancy Act and the TSBPA is 2013 — 12 years from the last authorization. In one of the last bills passed by the legislature, HB 1675, the sunset review date was postponed until 2019. The postponement was one of several and was done to balance the workload of SAC. Since SAC just reviewed and renewed the SDSI provisions of TSBPA, they obviously saw enough to be comfortable with the six-year extension.

Until 2019 CPAs should be operating under the existing law.

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