TPPF Says LBB Report Doesn’t Tell the Whole Story

We blogged earlier in the week about the Legislative Budget Board’s (LBB) report (PDF) that Texas government spending has decreased 11.5% since 2002, after adjusting for population growth and inflation. The Houston Chronicle’s Texas Politics Blog said this report repudiates an earlier Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article speculating that Texas was on a California-type path with state government spending.

Evidently the numbers used for the WSJ article were provided by the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF): TPPF took offense at the Chronicle’s assertion that the LBB report disproved the claim of rampant state government spending, claiming the LBB report does not tell the whole story. TPPF says their report focused on the significant increase in Texas’ state spending from 2011 to 2013. The Chronicle posted the TPPF response on the Texas Politics Blog.

It looks like both reports were correct — you can decide which, if either, is significant. It looks to me like both points of view are motivated mostly by political philosophy.

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