New Laws Effective September 1, 2013

659 Acts of the 83rd Texas Legislature become law on Sunday, Sept. 1st. Many new laws are already in place, having earlier effective dates while others will come later: new laws determining high school graduation requirements are in place and changes to the franchise tax are implemented on various future dates. But on Sunday we have new traffic laws, new handgun laws, new laws for appraisal districts and much more.

Drivers have to be concerned about new restrictions on cell-phone use in and around schools; new penalties for failing to stop and render aid and driving without front and back license plates; and slowing down or moving over when highway construction worker vehicles are present, among other things. More details can be found on KTRK-TV’s website.

For you gun owners, there were fourteen new laws passed dealing with concealed handgun licensing and where you can and can’t carry. You can find more info via the AmmoLand website.

There is so much more and if you want to know what, here’s information on all the new laws and when they take effect, as well as a listing of the 659 that you must start obeying on Sunday.

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