Hilderbran Proposes Taxpayer Bill of Rights

State Comptroller candidate Rep. Harvey Hilderbran (R-Kerrville) has proposed a Texas Taxpayer Bill of Rights. Hilderbran says that, if elected, he would work to guarantee seven rights for taxpayers:

  1. Fair audits
  2. A simple refund process
  3. Only requiring Texans to pay disputed taxes after there has been a legal resolution
  4. Extending the tax protest period
  5. Paying interest when the state pays refunds
  6. A firm statute of limitations for all tax laws
  7. Texans to know that their rights cannot be changed

Some of those “rights” can be implemented by the State Comptroller while others will require new laws.

Hilderbran is one of four announced Republican candidates to State Comptroller. The other three are Sen. Glenn Hegar (R-Katy), former Rep. Raul Torres, CPA and Debra Medina, who ran against Gov. Perry in the last Republican primary election. Medina has said publicly that she is also considering running for Governor as an independent candidate. She has promised a decision in November.

The lone Democrat seeking the office is Mike Collier, CPA.

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