Tax Breaks or Fair Appraisals?

The headline reads: Big businesses get tax breaks through lawsuits. The article spends the first thirteen of its eighteen paragraphs claiming that businesses get “tax breaks” by taking their property tax appraisals to court. The approach of the article is clearly to make you believe that businesses are getting an unfair break because they go to court. It’s only much later in the article where the idea that the appraisal might have been overstated to begin with is mentioned. Perhaps if the district court reduces the valuation, it was the government’s appraiser that was trying to make businesses pay more than they should. Perhaps businesses had to go to court to get a reasonable appraisal. If we believe in our justice system, all these lowered valuations would seem to indicate that the businesses are the ones being disadvantaged. They have to resort to expensive lawsuits to get a fair appraisal of their property. I guess a headline that said: Government appraisers over-value business property might not have been as politically correct, but it might have been more accurate.

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