What does the State Comptroller do?

To hear the election rhetoric, you'd thnk the State Comptroller has something to do with gun rights or right to life issues.  The comptroller collects taxes, chases tax scoflaws, oversees state spending and keeps the state's books.  She also tells the legislature how much money they can budget for a biennium.  She has one other significant legislative role; the comptroller tells the legislature whether each particular bill will cost or save money.  According to an article by Ben Philpot on kut.org that little chore gives the comptroller virtual veto power over legislation.  Perhaps that's where gun rights and abortion come into play.

But the article does not settle what it describes as "the real burning issue."  Do you pronounce it "controller" or "comptroller?"  In my experience the recent office holders have all come down on the side of "comptroller." 

After today, we may have an idea of whether we will continue to refer to the comptroller as "she."  The only woman in the Race, Debra Medina, a former nurse, was leading the pack of four candiddates.  Read Philpot's article here.

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