Primary results: CPA legislators will be returning to Austin in 2015

It looks like all the CPA legislators will be returning to Austin for the 2015 legislative session.  Reps. John Otto (HD 18-Dayton), Charles Perry (HD 83-Lubbock) and Angie Chen Button (HD 112-Garland) all had Republican Primary opponents who they defeated and they face no Democratic opposition in the November general election.  Rep. Scott Sanford (HD 70-McKinney) had no primary opposition and has no general election opponent.  While Reps. Phil Stephenson (HD85-Wharton) and John Frullo (HD 84-Lubbock) had no Republican Primary opponents, they both face a Democratic challenger in November.  Both of their districts appear to be safe Republican districts, so I believe they will be back in Austin too.

CPAs did lose one representative that is a member of the CPA family.  Rep. Linda Harper-Brown (HD 105-Irving), whose husband is a CPA, was defeated in the Republican Primary by former Rep. Rodney Anderson.  Anderson was a one-term representative who was paired with another incumbent in the redistricting process and did not run for re-election.  He decided to try again in HD 105.  To some degree Harper-Brown is a victim of that same redistricting.  Her new district overlapped much of Anderson's former territory.

The other CPA family member, Rep. Geanie Morrison (HD 30-Victoria), whose husband is also a CPA had no primary nor general election opponent, so she will be back in Austin in 2015.


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