Dayton News pushes candidate two years in advance

The 2014 primary elections are just over and already the Dayton News seems to be promoting the loser in the House District 18 race.  CPA and TSCPA member John Otto won that primary election handily with 61.8% of the vote.  In today's world, some would consider that almost a landslide victory.  But the Dayton News says about Otto's opponent: "Although he lost all of District 18’s counties to Otto, consisting of Liberty, San Jacinto and Walker County, his end results were strong."  Let me reflect:  Otto won almost 62% of the votes and won in all the counties in the district, but the opponent had a strong showing?  I don't know whether the Dayton News supported a candidate in the recent election, but it sounds like they are already supporting one for 2016.  Too bad they would run such a puff piece for the loser.  Otto has been a very effective legislator, highly regarded by his peers and representing his district well while being a good friend to CPAs at the same time.  Let's hope his opponent has a similar "strong showing" in 2016.  If you want to read the article and see if you agree with my dismay, you can find it here.

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