It ain’t goin’ to happen!

About the only continuing news in the state comptroller's race is the manufactured controversy over Republican nominee Sen. Glenn Hegar's comment before a Tea Party group that he would favor replacing the property tax with a sales tax.  I say manufactured controversy because Democratic nominee Mike Collier, CPA, has successfully generated numerous press articles, almost all critical Hegar's suggestion, by harping on an issue that any thinking Texas knows will not happen.

The complications of replacing propert tax with a sales tax are so many and so frought with political risks that the issue is hardly worth any discussion at all in terms of reality; but then who ever suggested reality and politics were in any way related.

While there have been many articles and editorials written on the subject in the last few weeks, I think the editorial writers at have the best take when they say: "talk of gutting property taxes and hiking sales taxes offers a good applause line…but… Texans should content themselves with the fact they pay no state income tax."  You should read this well written and reasoned editorial




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