Sales Taxes on Accounting Services?

We've had several recent articles on the blog (just scroll down) about Sen. Glenn Hegar's idea to replace property taxes with sales taxes.  While it still may be a fantasy exercise, an article in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram caught my attention.  The article is weighing the pros and cons of the proposal.  The cons include a very high sales tax rate.  Article author Mike Norman says: "That [sales tax rate] might be brought down some by applying the tax to some goods and services that are not covered now. Taxes on legal services and even real estate sales and other options that are politically very difficult have been mentioned in the past."

Although he didn't mention it, whenever anyone starts talking about sales taxes on legal and real estate services you can be sure accounting services aren't far behind.  Not a pleasant thought for CPAs on April 11th.  But Norman is right about one thing, CPAs would try to make such a tax very difficult politically!

Read the entire article at Size of the sales tax enters Texas political debate.

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