Why bother voting?

One of the little known facts about the November general election is that it mostly doesn't matter.  Most voters probably realize Texas is a very red state and odds of another Republican sweep in state-wide elections are very high; but fewer voters realize that the down ballot election results for state legislators are also pretty much pre-ordained.

There are 150 state representative elections and 15 state senate races to be supposedly decided by voters.  The reality is that only about nine state rep races and only one state senate race may actually be contests.  Due to the partisan redistricting process, which is all legal, almost all of the legislative contest winners have already been determined, not by the choice of candidate, but by the choice of party.

On second thought, given the past and expected low voter turnout, maybe the voters do realize their votes don't matter.

There is always the possibility of an upset, especially if some candidate does something so stupid even his or her own party members are repulsed, but absent catastrophe the November results are already set in political stone.

Ross Ramsey, writing in the Texas Tribune gives a fuller explanation and gives his views of which races might actually be a contest in his article Down the Ballot, Few Races in NovemberThe good news:  All the CPAs currently serving in the legislature are running in politically safe districts.

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