Hegar on the property tax

State Senator Glenn Hegar is the Republican nominee for State Comptroller.  The San Antonio Express-News chose to highlight Hegar's continuing support for replacing the property tax with a consumption tax.  The News, reporting on Hegar's interview with the Texas Tribune, (see our May 29th post) headlined Hegar's comment “I firmly believe the property tax is very cumbersome" but did point out that Hegar stressed it is up to the Texas legislature to determine the Texas tax structure.

Mike Collier, the Democratic nominee for State Comptroller seems to agree with Hegar that the property tax is cumbersome, but suggests fixing it rather than dumping it.  Stumping in San Angelo, Collier said, “The property tax is broken. Let’s keep the prop tax, and let’s fix it.”

It's interesting that there is so much discussion about replacing or fixing the property tax by State Comptroller candidates, since that office can do neither.  As Hegar points out, its up to the Texas Legislature to determine how state and local communities collect taxes.  This dialogue just continues the common practice of Texas political candidates talking about things they can't do anything about.  We should all pay more attention to what the candidates say about performing the duties of the office they seek than headline grabbing rhetoric.


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