CPA can’t run in both elections

CPA and TSCPA member Rep. Charles Perry (R-Lubbock) has announced that he intends to run for Sen. Robert Duncan's senate seat (SD 28) if Duncan resigns the seat as expected to take the Texas Tech Chancellor's job.  If Duncan resigns, it is up to Governor Perry (no relation to Charles) to determine when the special election to fill Duncan's unexpired term will take place.  He could decide, in the interest of economy, to hold the special election on the same date as the November general election.  Could Rep. Perry be on the ballot for both the house and senate seat?  Evidently not.

You can't be on the same ballot for two different offices.  But what if the special election is held before the November general election?  Rep. Perry says he will resign from the house ballot regardless of the election date, so if he runs for the senate he won't be on the November ballot.  Evidently you can resign from the ballot without resigning from the seat, meaning Perry would remain a state rep until he is replaced by the November election.

Confused?  You can find more explanation at  If Perry resigns from the ballot, the Republican county chairs will select the replacement candidate.

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