Undecided wins the poll

In the latest Texas Tribune/Univeristy of Texas poll undecided gets the most votes in the state comptroller's contest.  There are more undecided voters than those who say they will vote for either candidate. The poll results:

  • Undecided – 37%
  • Republican Hegar – 32%
  • Democrat Collier – 25%
  • Libertarian Sanders – 5%
  • Green Shafto – 2%

Hegar still leads Collier by seven points, but there are enough undecided voters to swing the election for either candidate.  Of all the statewide races, the undecided group was the largest in the comptroller's race; perhaps not surprising in a race where neither candidate has great statewide name recongnition.  All the Republican candidates are leading in all the statewide races, as would be expected before the  campaigning really starts (and likely after the campaigning starts).  You can read about the total poll results here.

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