Charles Perry to resign from House District 83

The Quorum Report just published that CPA and TSCPA member Rep. Charles Perry will resign his House seat before the Senate District 29 special election on Sept. 9th.  Perry announced his intention to run for the Senate seat a while back and at that time said he would resign his House District 83 seat; but when Gov. Perry (no relation) announced Sept. 9th as the special elecion date it gave Charles Perry the opportunity to run in the Senate special election without resigning, assuring himself of a seat in the House if he loses the special election.

In a Lubbock Avalanche-Journal article on Sunday Rep. Perry was quoted as saying; “Rest assured, any decision we make (about resigning) will be contingent on ensuring that first and foremost, both SD 28 and HD 83 are filled before the upcoming session, and secondly, that in doing so, we do not burden local government with yet another special election."

Perry's announcement today makes good on that promise.  Evidently if Perry did not resign and there was a run-off in the special election, which many pundits are predicting, by the time the run-off was over there would not be time for Perry to resign from the House race and a new candidate to be named.  That would mean another special election to fill HD 83.  By resiging before the special election Perry gives the Republicans the opportunity to come up with a substitute candidate well ahead of the November election.

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