Lt. Gov. Dewhurst Announces Final Round of Interim Charges

The Interim, the time between sessions, started about a year ago.  The Lt. Gov. and Speaker issue chages to committees to study issues to prepare for the next session.  Those charges have been emerging slowly and now Dewhurst has issued the "final round" for Senate committees.  That leaves about four months to comply with the charges.

The charges include:

  • Looking into the operations of the Public Utitlity Commission and the Electric Reliabiity Commission of Texas.
  • Evaluating the Penal Code value ladder of offenses and studying the 1,500 non-traditional criminal offenses existing outside of the Penal Code.
  • Studying the effieciency and effectiveness of county governments (wonder if they will start with Dallas County?).
  • Study the possiblitiy of enforcing truancy as a civil rather than criminal offense.
  • Study River Authority accountabiity.
  • A comprehensive review of school choice, education tax credits and taxpayer savings grants.
  • Study the rights of parents under the Education Code to see if legislation is needed to strengthen those rights.
  • Studying and monitoring the states efforts to protect the public from uninsured motorists.

To see all the charges and the committee assignements read the complete press release.

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