Low Key vs. Hot Button Comptroller’s Race

You read poll after poll predicting the expected Republican sweep of the top three statewide races for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General.  Most of the polls, it they bother to ask about the State Comptroller's race, don't bother to report the results.  The contrast in campaign strategy is striking.

Sen. Glenn Hegar, the favored Republican candidate, evidently hasn't run any ads since the primary, despite having a substantial war chest.  That probably means his campaign polling shows him winning just like the other state wide Republican candidates. Democratic candidate CPA and TSCPA member Mike Collier has spent what he has (far less than Collier) to try to convince voters that it makes sense for a CPA, "a numbers guy," to manage the state's finances.  He has majored on the current comptroller's dismal record of forecasting revenues, but of course he's not running against the current comptroller.

Here's an article/video posted on TWC News The Issues Facing Texas' Next Comptroller that focuses on the revenue forecasting issue.  It's hard to find much news coverage on this race.  My own personal polling tells me many voters don't yet even know who's running for comptroller.

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