Legislator Sort of Calls for Gas Tax Increase

Just like everybody knows you can save 15% on car insurance in 15 minutes, everybody knows that Texas roads are inadequate for the number of Texas drivers.  That's one reason there is a constituional amendment on the ballot to authorize spending some future Rainy Day funds on roads; but that amendment is just a beginning to funding road repairs and certainly not enough to build needed new roads.

Rep. Joe Pickett (D-El Paso), who serves on the House Transportation Committee, says it's time to raise the gas tax.  He points out that the 20 cents a gallon tax has not been increased in 23 years.  He esitmates most drivers pay about $9.54 a month in gas taxes.  He says that people who pay $100 a month for cell phones and $130 a month for cable TV are probably willing to pay more thatn $9.54 a month for better roads and less congestion.

But while he calls for a gas tax increase, he recognizes he can do so with impunity, because "it doesn't stand a chance of passing."  Is that good news or bad news?  Maybe it depends on how bad is your daily commute.

You can read more in the Amarillo Globe-News.



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