CPA selected for Lt. Gov. advisory board

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick announced yesterday that he has appointed a 55 member advisory board in “an unprecedented effort to bring the private sector into the discussion of public policy.”  It's a large board and will be divided into working groups with specific leaders named for each group as follows:

  • Energy: Boone Pickens

  • Economic Forecast: Kent Hance

  • Workforce Development: Gene Powell

  • Water: Jack Wood

  • Tax Policy: Brint Ryan

  • Transportation: Ned Holmes

Patrick said:  "Each one of these committees is going to play a vital role in helping us as we move through the session."  They will meet periodically as necessary to provide important imput into the legislative process.

CPA and TSCPA member Mike Reitmeier has been appointed to the Tax Policy working group by Patrick.  Reitmeier, from Waco, is with the public accounting firm of Jaynes Reitmeier Boyd & Therrell, P.C.

You can read more about the advisory board at Business Leaders in the Texas Tribune and you can read the entire list of particpants at Stacked with business leaders in the Austin Business Journal.

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