Professional Head Tax Repeal Proposed

SB 765 filed by Sen. Eltife (R-Tyler) and co-authored by Sen. Schwertner (R-Georgetown) repeals the $200 professional fee (commonly referred to as the professional head tax). All professionals, including CPAs, pay the annual $200 tax along with a license fee to retain their professional license. For CPAs the annual license fee is only $51 but we pay a total  $251. If the bill is successful the $200 fee goes away. There are 20 professional associations, including TSCPA, supporting the effort. There is no similar bill filed yet in the House.  There has never been a better legislative environment for such a bill. Proponents say there is growing interest in both the Senate and House. The bill has been assigned to the Senate Finance Committee and is already scheduled for hearings before that committee on Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

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2 Responses to Professional Head Tax Repeal Proposed

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  2. TSCPA Governmental Affairs says:

    HB 2089 by Rep. Drew Darby has been filed as the companion bill to SB 765 to repeal the $200 professional fee (head Tax).

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