Occupations Tax Repeal Gets Tentative Approval

HB 2089 by Darby (R-San Angelo) to repeal the $200 “Professional Fee” or occupation tax passed the House on second reading yesterday. In presenting the bill Rep. Darby said this was a “truth in taxation” bill that would eliminate the double taxation of professionals who are now subject to both the franchise tax and the occupation tax. The bill passed on a voice vote;  I didn’t hear any nays. The bill should finally pass today. There is reason for cautious optimism as the House leadership does appear to be supportive of the bill. Meanwhile the companion SB 765 has been pending in Senate Finance for seven weeks since its March 4th hearing.

HB 7, which also includes the content of HB 2089, is scheduled for House floor debate on Monday. Maybe if the House passes the repeal twice, the Senate will give it due consideration.

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3 Responses to Occupations Tax Repeal Gets Tentative Approval

  1. John Jones says:

    When is this to take effect?

  2. peppers dad says:

    hallelujah! Texas may not have very many tax increases in the 20+ years that this professional fee has been in place, but the legislature certainly has “feed” the daylights out of us. What I would like know is why a CPA has a professional fee of $200 while a pharmacist’s professional fee is about $40. Have the pharmacists been represented by that much better lobbyists thru the years?

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