Schools and Cars

Now that the 84th Texas Legislature has adjourned there is less fodder specifically related to CPA legislative issues for our TSCPA at the Capitol blog, so I will be branching out a bit to bring you political, legislative and business items I find interesting.  I’m starting with two subjects, schools and cars.

Today I read an enlightening article in the Texas Tribune about Texas public schools. Just a few tidbits:

  • Texas public schools have 5.1 million students, an increase of almost 40% over the last 20 years
  • 60.2% of those students, over 3 million students, are from economically disadvantaged families, an increase of over 81% from 20 years ago
  • The growth in economically disadvantaged student population represents all the school population growth in the last 20 years

If you’re interested in our public schools you should read Analysis: Schools Changing, and Not How You Might Think.

The Texas Tribune is also the source for my comments about cars.  I’m not talking about just any cars, but the luxury electric cars built by Tesla.  Tesla can’t sell cars in Texas because they don’t use dealerships.  Texas law says you have to sell cars through local dealerships.  Tesla tried to get the law changed during the past two legislative sessions with little progress.  Their bills to allow Tesla to operate a few stores in Texas never even received a committee vote. Now Governor Abbott applauds the legislature for keeping the local dealership laws intact. There are evidently only about 1,800 Tesla’s registered in Texas, so you may not care, but if you’re interested in a Tesla or would just like to better understand the debate, read Abbott Shuts Door on Tesla Loophole.

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