Election results

Well, the votes are in and the outcome for Texas legislative races is not nearly as exciting as the results are at the national level.  All incumbents won their seat except Rep. Kenneth Sheets, HD107 (Dallas), one of the four candidates endorsed by the TSCPA CPA-PAC, Gilbert Pena, HD144 (Houston) and Rick Galindo, HD117 (San Antonio).  (As of this writing, there is still one race, HD105 (Dallas), that has not been finalized but incumbent Rodney Anderson is up by 120 votes with 360 provisional votes left to count.)

There will be 3 new faces in the Texas Senate:  Bryan Hughes, SD001 (East Texas/Texarkana) and Borris Miles, SD013 (Houston), both former House members and newcomer, Dr. Dawn Buckingham, SD024 (Abilene, Austin, Central Texas).  The House will welcome 22 new legislators when the session convenes in January.

It’s time to move on from the elections and get to work.  Bill filing begins on Monday, November 14 and the first day of the 85th Legislature, Regular Session is Tuesday, January 10.

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